PULSE Fingertip Oximeter

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Easy to use Oximeter- Just press button!


  • Digital Oximeter is easy to use - just press the white button and insert your finger fully
  • SPO2 measures oxygen level
  • PR/Pulse measures your heart pulse rate
  • 98% accuracy - please allow 15-20 seconds to measure




Oximeter is quick and easiest way to monitor blood oxygen level and heart rate. Oximeter uses Infrared technology to measure blood oxygen level and heart rate. It can rapidly detect even the smallest changes in the oxygen levels.


Oximeter With the COVID-19 pandemic in full swing, it is a good idea for everyone to keep a check on their blood oxygen levels. If they notice a drop, it would be a needed to go in for tests ...

Features & details

  • Pulse oximeter is used to measure the oxygen level (oxygen saturation) of the blood.
  • Our pulse monitor is easy to use and has an efficient One Button Operation
  • Very Light Weight and Portable - Easy to Carry anywhere
  • Please Read the Description for More Details


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  • Manufacturer: PRAK OVERSEAS, AGRA ,INDIA 
  • Item Weight: 250 g
  • Net Quantity: 1.00 count