The signature style with STIYA attar ORLANDO , LEO , & EDWIN : with an understated floral aspect, this perfume is a fascinating marriage of florals and orientals combining indian rose, iran saffron and indian shamama. Also known as mukhallat, its never overpowering and clings to your skin for long periods leaving a lasting ambrosias effect. It has a welcome tenacity too, for the scent invokes nostalgia a true it dries down, it reveals its dry woody character, which lies halfway between ambers richness and flinty blackwood crispness. Patchoulis haunting middle notes are a welcome touch to this beautiful composition.


TOP NOTE : ROSE, SAFFRON, INDIAN SHAMAMA,BLACKWOOD AMBER(MUKHALLAT). An exclusive Roll On Attar With Strong Note and long lasting characteristics. This spray exhilarates vibrant spray making you fresh and vibrant all day.

PURE : 100% Pure Natural Attar. No Artificial Oil, No Ethyl Alcohol. Aromatherapy, Blended with Essential Oils, Cruelty-Free and Not Derived From Animals.

LONG LASTING : Long Lasting Unisex Aroma For Powerful Impression, Makes you feel fresh and rejuvenated. This unique fragrance opens with a sophisticated aroma which is very much refreshing as well as provides you a long lasting fragrance.

PERFECT GIFT : This A Perfect Gift Item. Corporate Gifting, Gift Set For Personal Gifting, Wedding Gifts, Festive Gifts, Anniversary, Birthday & Occasions This Box Makes A Perfect Gift Option

HOW TO USE : Kindly Apply directly on your body/skin. Apply it at pulse points (neck, inside wrists, behind ears) and clothes for a refreshing and long lasting fragrance. Handy and travel friendly Roll On ATTAR CONCENTRATED Perfume that can be easily carried in Purse, Office Bag, Cars Etc.

Sale price Rs.299.00 Regular price Rs.799.00 Sale
Sale price Rs.299.00 Regular price Rs.799.00 Sale
Sale price Rs.299.00 Regular price Rs.799.00 Sale